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I developed a raging headache while in the Seahawks lady sassy classy and a tad bad assy shirt, and started hunting around for my husband to be, couldn’t find him. I had my brother with me, but no sign of a future husband or friend. Found the casino house phone and paged them, this was Caesar’s in the early eighties, but no response. Checked the parking lot, the Firebird was gone. The front desk gave us instructions on how to take a bus back to the motel. My head was on fire (I call these migraines nowadays), but my 15-year-old brother helped me back to the motel. The future husband doesn’t come back for hours, so it is our wedding day by the time he walks in. I’m in pain, so not up for much of a fight, but tell him it was really uncool to abandon two underage people in a casino without any info. I can’t even remember what his excuse was. We pick up my brother and the friend from their room, and I pretty much give him the silent treatment on the ride to the Chapel, but I still go through with the wedding. After the wedding, he admitted he had also paid for a blowjob. He told me how nice the girl had been, how she was really friendly when she didn’t have to be, how he didn’t have any money left, but it was apparently money well spent. I never even picked up a copy of the marriage certificate, though we did stay married for ten years. I think I said in another post that was a tribute to my ability to not admit it was a mistake, and there were so many more reasons over those ten years.

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