Shark Ugly Merry Christmas tree shirt

In 2019 march I got married and my parents came along with me to my in-laws house. My husband had to leave early, alone on 27th march and my parents were more than happy to leave him at airport along with me and mother-in-law. But my MIL refused to take my parents with us to the airport. She said-” it is not so necessary to go to the airport. There won’t be any place at the airport. You can just give him best wishes here(at home) itself..” my parents were little disappointed by her words and were ok with it. – it was his 4th trip to USA..In the month of may, It was my turn to leave to USA and this time my parents decided not to come because anyhow my MIL will again tell the same dialogue. And also they didn’t want to be disappointed. But this time, my in-laws relatives like kids and their mothers(total of 6) were ready to leave me at the airport but my MIL didnt let them come… That was ok with me because she did the same with my husband. – I was my 1st time boarding an international flight.

Shark Ugly Merry Christmas tree shirt

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She was a great storyteller; could make up wonderful, intriguing tales of what life would look like on other planets in other universes. She loved listening to Dr. Demento late at night and memorizing all the songs. Her sense of humor was usually droll, but occasionally while in the shower, she’d bust out with a full-volume ribald song that would make a sailor blush. She was the only person to come up with hysterically funny ways to prank the RA and never get caught. She would cook us a full pancake, bacon and egg breakfast on a popcorn popper base every weekend (which was totally forbidden by dorm rules) using an amazing spot ventilation system she created to prevent the scent of frying bacon from filling the dorm halls (which also kept us out of trouble). She would laugh so hard, she’d start to snort, which of course only made her laugh even more. She was a fun-loving bright memory from my years in college. And she is still is a bright spot in my life and remains my best friend over 30 years later. Truly life-changing.

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