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“Signal for Help,” or “#SignalForHelp,” is a one-handed gesture that women and children (and men as well) can use on a video call or in person to communicate that they feel threatened. The movement involves facing your palm to the Sloth Let’s Take A Name Nap Instead Running Team Stars Shirt Additionally,I will love this camera or person, tucking your thumb into your palm and folding your four fingers over the top of your thumb. It is an alternative to calling 911 and sends a signal to anyone—the police, a family member, a friend—to “please reach out to me safely,” so that the victim can respond via text or email or in a call away from the abuser and provide information to get help. As the Network’s president and CEO Elizabeth Barajas-Román explains, now more than ever is the right time to promote this signal: “You have people stuck at home and maybe also someone who is sick with the virus. There are also mounting financial pressures and the general stresses of a pandemic. This all just adds to the escalation, and we really saw a need to start thinking about new tools that abuse victims can use.”

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