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I would say Trump is the You Can’t Tell Me What To Do You’re Not My Cats Funny T-shirt Besides,I will do this least liberty minded and acts like a dictator. For example, he has made a big scene about NFL players who refuse to stand for the flag as a protest. He was asking the NFL a private organization to fire any player who refuses to stand for the national anthem. During the BLM riots in DC, he tear gassed a group of non-violent protesters just so that he can conduct a photo op in front of a church. This is what dictators do, not leaders of a free country. He has waged an imaginary war on the deep state and attempted to influence people to do what he wants rather than make a decision themselves on what to do. He has suggested that he should be president for life and admired dictators and made statements that he wished Americans would respect him as much as dictators.

Snoopy and friend happy st patrick_s day shirt

During the You Can’t Tell Me What To Do You’re Not My Cats Funny T-shirt Besides,I will do this BLM riots he sent federal officers who had no identification as to who they are or what agency they work for to arrest protesters and these protesters had no idea if these supposed federal agents were legitimate agents or impersonators. Many state leaders had no idea Trump was sending these agents to their state. He constantly attacked his opposition with false claims. When he found out that he had no authority to open up state businesses he called on his supporters to do liberation protests for key Democratic states and when some of his supporters were arrested for planning to kidnap a governor he said nothing. He threatened to send federal officials to California because he feels they haven’t done enough to address the homeless and suggested federal officials should take over.

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