St. Patricks Day irish I had a Dinosaur shirt

The manager, bouncer, bartender, or whoever is not empowered to St. Patricks Day irish I had a Dinosaur shirt what they believe to be false identification cards or papers. That said, every nightclub I was acquainted with in Reno had a collection of phony IDs they had taken from (usually) underage patrons who were trying to get in and buy alcohol. The bouncer or other person who was checking IDs would tell the bearer to hit the road, and that they weren’t getting their bogus ID back. The bearer was welcome to call the police, but then we would be furnished with both the phony ID and the bearer, and would charge them with possession of a false ID document. Now and then, we would encounter someone who had tried passing the false ID, then insisted on having the police called, so they could get their false ID back. They were angry when the bouncer wouldn’t give the ID back. They were really fit to be tied when they would get arrested for possession of it. I was talking to our neighbor and she was just finishing her cup of coffee.St. Patricks Day irish I had a Dinosaur shirt

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Our fence was three feet high so it was perfect for backyard conversations. She was standing on her grass and I was on our concrete pad (freshly poured, I might add). As she finished her coffee, she looked in the bottom of her cup and there was about a half inch of coffee-ground sludge. Without missing a beat in our conversation, she looked at her grass, then my concrete and dumped the contents beside my foot. My jaw dropped and I was so shocked I couldn’t even respond to what she had just done. Completely unperturbed, she finished her sentence, turned and walked into her house. Come on vegans don’t have cheat days). Needless to say I’ve seen some gnarly tickets in my time. I’ve also seen some funny food labels as well my favorite was duck fat labeled as fat dic (Latino guy who wrote the label not sure if he knew what he was doing or did it on purpose and claimed he didn’t know how to spell). I really wish I still had pictures of these. Some of the tickets were kept and hung up in the wall of shame in the chefs office.What do you want to be when you grow up kind said the boy hoodie

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