Sumpremiumstore-Yellow perch swallow swallow baby don’t spit ugly Christmas sweater

“Buenos dias!” Rosalía, makeup-free, says as she smiles into the camera. Today, the 27-year-old Spanish singer is sharing her beauty secrets, from her go-to pastel eye shadow to how she achieves flawless, flyaway-free lengths. Before she plays with color or reaches for one of her three must-have hair brushes, though, she begins by paying special attention to her complexion. “I think the Sumpremiumstore-Yellow perch swallow swallow baby don’t spit ugly Christmas sweater more time you put into your skin care, the less foundation you have to wear,” Rosalía explains as she walks Vogue through her inside-out approach, which includes Biologique Recherche’s cult products, facial massage tools, and techniques, and a handful of supplements taken with fresh juice.Her ultimate skin-care hack, however, can’t be bought: “If you sleep like a baby, you will have skin like a baby,” Rosalía shares, before breaking into a knowing laugh. “But, of course, you can’t always sleep that much.” For such times, there’s her trusty tube of concealer, which she dabs on with her fingers—never a brush. “It’s like making pottery,” she muses of the hands-on application method that sees her through nearly every step of her makeup routine, be it angling her arches into place (with the help of a humble hair gel) or applying a pretty-in-pink MAC gloss not to her lips but to her lids. “Why not?” she asks with a shrug. “I like to experiment with products; I like to experiment with colors.” That is, within reason, she clarifies: “When I started doing my makeup, it was too much.… [Now] if I draw a strong eye, I do a simple lip. Or if I draw a strong lip, I do a simple eye to have some balance, you know?”Moving on to her infamous waist-grazing mane, Rosalía then smooths her hair into a perfectly slicked-back ponytail, a feat considering the length of her intricately painted, cotton candy–color nails. As she puts it, “It’s not easy—you need talent—but it’s possible!” And well worth the effort: “Once I have my hair done I feel fierce,” she says.

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