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Dogs are highly intelligent, they love to learn new skills, even the Official stripy bastard shirt but in fact I love this act of sitting or standing on command is a skill and an achievement to a young dog that has never done it before, and they begin to love this new learning game with their human who gives them love, affection, and treats in return. Dogs have a very curious and nosy mind, and we, as their humans, are the perfect tool to stimulate their intellect. The more they learn, the more they want to know, and the more they want to please, and because of the doggie/human bond, they will listen, absorb, and try to please. Dogs are also very loyal, they are happy to greet others but they have only one master to whom they look up to as their special friend. Although dogs enjoy learning, their intelligence differs like their personality does, some dogs pick things up quickly, others have trouble grasping the idea and take more time, but its the patience, love, understanding and tolerance of their trainer that makes a dogs life shine.

Official stripy bastard shirt

But there are some dogs that just stick to the Official stripy bastard shirt but in fact I love this basics, and no more, like my own. Mine are rescues that suffered terrible cruelty in other countries, they are ex-street dogs and very set in their ways, their life has been a long hard struggle living with violence, bad weather, searching for scraps and fighting other dogs off to keep them, protecting their sleeping area from other invading dogs, and living a very lonely life, and on top of that they have to live with all their injuries like cuts, and broken bones, and that’s all they’ve ever known from a young age, so with my dogs there is no real chance of any new tricks or training to a good standard, they’ve got a few tricks of their own that they play on ME. I think all mine were born under the sign of Taurus, they are stubborn and will dig their heels in if they don’t want to do something, they stand their ground, play dead, play deaf, and all I can do is play hell, but I love it, and I love them.

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