I survived and all I got was this t-shirt

Many years ago we heard pounding on our front door sometime late in the I survived and all I got was this t-shirt of the night. The police were there, informing us that we would need to vacate for the night because there was a shootout in a house across the street. This was an upscale suburban neighborhood so this event was completely unexpected. Apparently, the husband of this family had murdered his wife and mother-in-law and kept them in the downstairs bathroom for days. How no one noticed I’ll never understand… there were 3 children in this family, and he had been Mr. Mom for days while spinning his story about how “mom and grandma went on a trip for a while”. It wasn’t until his brother became suspicious and contacted the police did this come to a head. He eventually backed down and was “escorted” to jail but not before the entire street was evacuated. Strange night. I don’t know your situation, but if at all possible, make up with mom. Really look at how your “friends” treat those around them. Cause when your usefulness is up, that will be you. Move forward, but seriously, your life will depend on how you answer the question “what happens when I do that?” Be real or lie to yourself, doesn’t matter. Because the reality is gonna happen to you, and it doesn’t matter what your age. Final thought, I’d file the sharp edges of that attitude. Nobody owes you a damn thing. So being nice to folks doing things for you is in your own self-interest. Striking them only makes them want to get away from you not work with you. Try and find some common ground to at least tolerate each other and go from there.I survived and all I got was this t-shirt

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I immediately picked her up and drove to the ER. We sit in the back in a room for a while, maybe an hour, just waiting for the doctor to come in. He finally comes in and goes through the usual things they do, checks her eyes, throat, and finally ears. He says he doesn’t see anything that looks wrong and he asks my daughter how much it hurts. She starts acting kind of shy and mumbling like she doesn’t want to answer. The doctor asked her if her ear was hurting her, and she finally blurted out that she woke up and just didn’t want to go back to bed. Her ear didn’t even hurt, she started crying because it was dark and she didn’t want to have to go back to sleep. An inmate with no street resources in Colorado is provided with a few weeks of cheap hotel vouchers. During that time the parolee is expected to come up with a means to be self-sufficient. Thus recidivism is rampant among the parolees without resources because prison is easier than the streets.

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