Sweethearttee – Official Star Wars Baby Yoda Nope Still Don’t Care Try Again Tomorrow Shirt

“All students and staff members of Bunka Fashion College share an immense love for fashion,” says college president Sachiko Aihara. “Our greatest achievement is that thousands of our graduates are working globally across different sectors. Despite the challenging period we’re all facing, we’ve continued to operate at a high-standard and have effectively evolved along with the times.”I more or less wrote it during the first lockdown, and it just came out in a flood. I think part of it was dealing with a lot of ideas I had been navigating and wrestling with for the past year, like the Betty Draper essay [for The New Inquiry]. It was giant amoeba of a project that was kind of split up into three parts; it was like that essay, and then this project, and a second book of poems. I signed with Grieveland in June and decided to do this book for them.


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