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Men's T-Shirt frontWell, I’m sorry if she was over the limit she deserves all she gets what would you say if she caused a serious smash and either killed or serious injuries to someone. If I had done that I would have been sent to prison, not given a puny little 3-month ban, which is hardly going to affect her as she has lots of hangers-on to driver her around, unlike us mere mortals. Discussing she should get away with it so lightly. Makes a Tb12 6 Tee mockery of those that have lost loved ones to drink drivers. She was holding the keys, she should have been prosecuted for being Drunk In Charge of a Vehicle and not banned from driving for 12 months which I understand is mandatory. Through away the key she deserves it shes already been caught twice disgrace she could have killed someone.

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She’s bored with her wealthy, she has got a lot of money and luxury life so she did this way how she could reduce some of her wealthiness. They don’t come down unless there is a depressurization at altitude or if the pilot selects passenger oxygen. As it was not an emergency, simply a bumpy approach there was Tb12 6 Tee no need for oxygen. What did he think oxygen would be good for anyway. Just to be clear, nothing happened and someone asked their imaginary friend to help them through nothing happening. I would have passed out if I was on there, they must have been petrified you hear so much of planes crashing as well. Must have been very frightening. I was on a plane a couple of years ago and it flipped sideways just once. It was scary people screamed including me lol. Winds don’t cause a plane to go from side to side in such a controlled way.

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