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Next, I set the timer to 10 minutes (the recommendation is between eight and 13) and then wiped it all off. I repeated the process, but this time instead of using the Lift solution, I used the Fixation solution. The instructions say this step shapes the brows, so I was extra careful to brush the hairs in the direction I wanted them to stay in. For me that meant straight up on the inner-brow area near my nose and a slight diagonal by the peak of my arch. Then I placed the Ziploc bags over my arches once again (clean new ones, of course) and waited for the timer to buzz. Lastly, I swiped on the Nutrition oil—no baggies needed—to nourish the hairs. Warning: A little goes a long way, so there’s no need to be heavy-handed here.

Guns Don't Kill People The Government Does Shirt

“Results typically last from four to six weeks when brows are processed at the correct time for your hair texture,” says De la Garza, before discussing the importance of waiting at least six weeks before laminating brows again. Anything sooner and you also risk damaging hairs and causing brow breakage. “Brow lamination lasts longest when incorporating a nightly castor oil routine to hydrate and moisturize the brow hair,” he adds. “For daytime styling, I recommend my Brow Naturale, which is a conditioning and nourishing brow wax that keeps the brows in place all day.”Immediately after I completed all the steps in my kit, I had perfectly feathered brows. Each hair stands up on its own, no gel or soap needed, and my morning beauty routine is that much easier. And a couple months from now, I’ll definitely be repeating the process once again. My search for the ultimate brows is no more.

Guns Don't Kill People The Government Does Shirt Teechalla hoodie den

Major lip accents filled the feeds of Instagram this past week. Erykah Badu rocked a bold, gold lip cuff ahead of a Facebook performance; Kerry Washington sported her signature red lip with bouncy curls; and Judas and the Black Messiah star Dominique Fishback channeled her inner Brooklyn princess with cherry red lipstick and braids that fell into soft waves.On the hair front, Taraji P. Henson embraced a fiery mane that looked all the more fierce cast in a sunlit glow, while Rowan Blanchard wore blunt bangs and pigtails. And serving up an extra dose of chic, Tianna St. Louis and Maty Fall Diba alongside fellow glowing runway stars Akon Changkou and Ajok Madel sported sleek, straight back cornrows at Fendi’s fall show.In the spirit of staying active, model Yoon Young Bae enjoyed a Pilates session, Myha’la Herrold shared a post-pole session selfie, and Carolyn Murphy stayed motivated for her Monday yoga session. “I do not feel motivated, but then again, just do it,” wrote Murphy, offering up a reminder to keep it moving in whatever way feels good to you.

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