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Generally, if a marriage of short duration with no The shaggs where is foot foot shirt, both people just walk away with what they brought to the marriage. It’s when there are children and one put their career on hold for years to look after the children that a court must decide on how to divide the assets fairly. Every time a different party came to power they’d do the same. There would be a hell of a mess with no consistency in interpretation of the Constitution. Respect for the Court and the rule of law goes in the sewer. The Court should never be a political body. I’ll also point out that both Breyer and Ginsberg, two of the most liberal of recent justices both spoke out against expanding the Court. I’m not sure they’d get to that assessment, because they have to get around their overwhelming need to be in control and keep themselves above things that can hurt or negatively affect them. That mind-state can be pretty all-consuming.People here cringe when you use that term. Even I do, though I dislike that I do. It’s a word. We know what is meant. Clarity has been established. But because I absorb emotions from others, I do confess that when people say that phrase, I take it as a clue that they’re an outsider, not a jerk or dumb or needing me to make fun of them. I mean, I still make fun of them, but I make fun of everybody!

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Wow, I am sorry to hear this. I am sorry for your fiance and his son. I call him his son, because your fiance raised this boy for 10 years. As far as your fiance is concerned and as far as the boy is concerned, your fiance is his father and the boy is his son. And it is great you see it that way as well. Your fiance is likely presumed to be the father at this point. That said, in order to find out about state law and to make sure he handles everything properly, a family law attorney would be wise at this point. This way, he can feel more secure about the future and be ready to respond if this issue does every come up again. Not to mention, some day, the son will probably find out. So many people do their own DNA tests. So he is probably going to have to be prepared to tell him some day, when he is better able to handle it.

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