And I think to myself what a wonderful weld vintage shirt

Australia seems more outraged about this photo than the actual killing of Afghan civilians by their criminal troops. What a world we live in. The western world should come out of China syndrome, that country needs a behavioral change. Their own crime against humanity is mounting to zenith level, they’re talking about war crimes of others. Utter nonsense. China missing mirrors where they can reflect on Tibet to HK. Meanwhile, the rest of humanity should provide them mirrors. Missing mirrors, causing the dilemma, nothing else. Australia is angry with someone commenting on their soldier’s crimes in Afghanistan. They only allow themselves to criticize others, but not others to themselves. Overreaction shows their shame for their mistakes. Then change, deal with it, face the mistakes, Morrison. Has anyone considered China just wants to pick a fight with a country with a proportionally weaker military and all the resources they will ever need, and I am including food in this just saying is there a long-term sinister plan at play here? Oh now you understand the pain, this is what your allies doing all the way from long ago and you’ve always voiced your agreement. Additionally, you raised Covid19 out of blue, now face the consequences of your stupidity. Better double your drinks. Coming from a country has a bad reputation for treating its own people. What a joke. I don’t think Australia needs a lecture on human rights from China. They need to look in the mirror before having a go at another country.

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And I think to myself what a wonderful weld vintage shirt

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