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Big lie, double down on the lie, deny the lie, if caught in the lie, blame someone else for the lie, tell more lies until people forget what the first lie was, and then claim that words don’t matter, therefor you never lied and the people saying you lied are really the liars – This is how you get Trumped Who cares, this guy is done we can rattle on about corruption and what he and his son perpetrated is corruption. Right up there with the Clinton foundation. Pay to play. I’m a progressive conservative, I’ve voted Democrat and Republican and this guy is done. Amazing people will take the creepy pervert crooked Biden all of which we have proof! President Trump is doing his job with a group of leftist a-holes trying to impede him and impeach him all because they lost. He isn’t wrong, he violated the laws of this country. It’s kind of amazing how many people are still willing to defend him even though he admitted to breaking the law.