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I still remember seeing Mr. Fazenbaker, knowing the Ole Miss 20202 EGG Bowl champions Ole Miss Rebels Mississippi State 31 24 shirt it is in the first place but paddle was in his office. I never knew of anybody being paddled but I’m sure it happened if needed. I also made the kids stand by each other with their nose on the wall for fighting that just got out of control. After several warnings, it stops the fighting immediately. Spanking, spoon, nose on the wall were all types of punishment for lack of respect for parents, elders or their peers. When out in a public place like a restaurant, they heard, “Do you need an attitude adjustment?” which was a trip to the ladies or mens room. That was like the spoon for the older kids and even the little ones. Nobody got spanked until 2 years and that was rare. Cause would be hot stove or running out in the street. My son is a pastor and in a collagic ministry and he spanks. He has skipped the wooden spoon and uses his hand. He loves his 3 kids to the moon and back. When you have 3 yr old twins you spank. I’m just old and thought to note about the differences in generations. My own children’s generation, you would never see the kind of behavior as you do today. It has driven teachers out of the schools. They can get other jobs. It is so sad to see it necessary to feel safe and not have profanities constantly hurled at you. The “No spanking or your child can sue you” has ruined our children and that movement has grown to produce a generation that has never matured as they entered college. They were stuck in the temper tantrum stage and never got out. I do have one son that doesn’t spank. He talks to his children and explains things to them. When I did that with him as a teen and I did do that as will as punishment he would just look at me and say just hit me and get this over with. And he was serious. Long talks or trying to explain made him nuts which told me he knew what he was doing was wrong. Of all things, depriving a child of food and water, is not acceptable as a “punishment”. In fact I would suggest that it amounts to child abuse. I would accept in part that they may not be allowed to have a Sweet afters, since children like sweet things; but to send the to bed on an empty stomach in my view is not acceptable. It is a physical punishment more dangerous than striking a child.

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It may be acceptable in the Ole Miss 20202 EGG Bowl champions Ole Miss Rebels Mississippi State 31 24 shirt it is in the first place but USA, and perhaps other Countries around the World but either way, in my view, it is acceptable. In any case, it is likely that the child may creep down the stairs in to the kitchen, during the night and sneak food out; even more dangerous, may try to cook for themselves. If that includes heat, e.g. hotplate/oven; even if you have taught them basics of cookery, it is an accident waiting to happen. Burns, scalds, fire (particularly if they are in night attire). A sleeve from a nightdress or pajamas can get in the way of a gas hob carrying a flame; burn if it is an electric hob, even electric shock if the switch the cooker on from the wall with wet hands. The sleeve of pajamas/night dress, clipping a saucepan handle a scald or burn in the making. In the case of oil third degree burn, or fire. If they are small they are likely to climb on to things like stools and chairs to get in to cupboards, or even small step ladders, which can be unstable, a fall in the making. That may sound like an exaggeration, but if they are in night attire, then there is a 90% chance they are in bare feet (no grip), or slippers, little or no grip. The same would apply to raised items such as cookers, particularly the gas variety where the child is standing on a chair to gain height. If they are wearing cotton attire, then there is a risk of the clothes bursting in to flames. Again you have the risk of scalding, indeed burn in the case of oil, if they slip off the chair (again bear in mind that they will be in bare feet, so little grip) and they strike the saucepan etc. you have got a serious problem. Depending the way they fall, that could include severe bruising, through to fractures on any part of the body; and if the head is struck concussion, at worst a fracture. I believe too many adults treat children as if they’re not people with faculties of their own. Kids are complete human beings who see, hear, and know much more than adults give them credit for. They deserve the truth as much as we do. Without it, they become prisoners of ignorance. The alternative is to leave your child in a haze of confusion and shame they may never recover from.

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