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Blackpink’s dances are just not as hard as BTS dances. I can go on forever about this, but I’ll sum it up in a few sentences. Just because a choreography has more movement and crazy moves don’t make it harder. Dancing to girl group songs is difficult since it requires graceful, feminine energy (and most of the time, the girls are dancing in heels, which boys never have to do). Plus, the whole point of Blackpink’s dances are to make them accessible and memorable, not to look insanely difficult. Both groups’ choreographies deserve respect. Next. Blackpink is lazy. People seem to bring up the “Jennie is lazy” phase to drag Blackpink in every argument. It’s as ridiculous as “but Namjoon,” so please don’t use it. Jennie has improved and her explosive energy is back, plus, the other girls work extremely hard to put on a good performance. Move on, thanks.

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Official Pink Floyd Child Grown Dream Gone Become Comfortably Numb Shirt
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A woman cannot survive on wine alone she also needs a Golden Retriever shirt

Pink Himalayan salt has a very long history, dating back almost as far as the Earth itself. The Punjab region of Pakistan near the Himalayas is one of the oldest and richest salt regions in the world. The mines are buried deep beneath the mountains, and the salt was formed under intense pressure over millions of years.Now supposedly, there used to be an ocean there where the mountains are now. There is a salt deposit rich in minerals once the ocean dried up. This was buried by the mountain range that formed and since it’s underground, it’s free from pollutants and chemicals. So right from the start, it’s got a lead on regular salt. And that’s definitely an intriguing story to go along with it.