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I am just like you. I was a potato-chip eating couch-potato New England Patriots Queen classy sassy and a bit smart assy shirt until the last year of college. My college required 3 credits of PE to graduate and I put it off as long as possible. When I was forced to take it, the only course available to me was cross country track. I HATED running. I NEVER ran anywhere. I dreaded it so much. But the coach was so excellent that by the end of the course, I was running 17 miles three times a week and at least five miles every day. I discovered I loved running. I ran everywhere. I was suddenly in the best shape of my life. My desire for junk food disappeared. Whenever I faced a daunting problem or just wanted an escape I put on my sneakers and ran. I was poor but it didn’t matter all I needed to run was a pair of cut-offs and a t-shirt and my sneakers, and they were old sneakers. Ten years after college I was an ardent cyclist doing forty miles a day and running three miles a day minimum in my spare time. And I HATED sports. I didn’t know who the New E England Patriots were New England Patriots Queen classy sassy and a bit smart assy shirt or how long since the Red Sox won a World Series and I didn’t care. It wasn’t until people started calling me an athlete that I realized that I was doing sports and loving it. I had found my niche. You can do it. And I will tell you something else at 55 I fully regret not being on the softball team with all the other guys from my job, even if I was striking out or hitting out. Even when they are groaning, you are STILL part of the team. You are STILL with them and they will pat you on the back when you all go out for a beer later. Yeah. They want you to get on base or catch that fly ball. But not everyone can do that — but it means something to just be there. Being there as a total failure means so much more than regretting you weren’t years later. Because in terms of songwriting, all of those better Neil Peart legends never die 1952 2020 thank you for the memories signature shirt musicians weren’t fit to carry Dylan’s harmonica. Take Stephen Stills, for example. He wrote some great s ongs and is a very accomplished guitarist far more so than Dylan but despite being a two-time HOF inductee, he isn’t and will never be the legend Dylan is, because Dylan’s writing and innovation changed the fucking game, and paved the way for guys like Stills. (EDIT: Just for the record, I’m a huge Stephen Stills fan; one of the maybe 30 or so people alive these days who know and appreciate how talented he was and is. That’s exactly why I’m comparing him to Dylan: because that guy was that good and yet still in Dylan’s shadow.