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The world has changed so much since I used to walk to school.In the end I would give Gon the win in a head on fight between the two. Gon has more experience and has senses that are much sharper

Bee kind flowers shirt

Dachshund Wiener Dog Races Champion shirt

Dandelion heart flowers with boar petal shirt

Destroyer Ruiz Jr world champion shirt

Dog mom fur babies a bond that can’t be broken shirt

Dog mom fur babies a bond that can't be broken shirt

Thank you for allowing God to use you to rescue those kids. That’s awesome well done you are a caring lovely young lady for saving those kids! I also think it was very thoughtful to tell the parents what had happened too well done. A great idea, and a quick thinker too. God worked through that young lady that day

Every snack you make every meal you bake every bite you take i’ll be watching you shirt

Hayao Miyazaki’s amazing animation shirt

I’ a Woman I have needs pass Me the wine shirt

I’m not anti-social i’m socially selective and i’ve selected to avoid you shirt

All I need is coffee and a cat or two or five shirt

Hayao Miyazaki's amazing animation shirt