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How we feel is simply how we feel. These days we cannot let our kids be so free. The world has changed so much since I used to walk to school. Some days while I’m driving and I get cut off by another driver I get upset and angry that the other driver rudely cut me off in traffic.

39 years of Friday the 13th thank you for the memories shirt


42 year of Halloween thank You for the Memories shirt


I’m Busy This Week It’s A Michael Myers Fan Thing shirt


James bond 007 58th Anniversary 1962 2020 26 films 7 actors signature shirt


Life without horror movies no way shirt


Stan Lee Thank you for the memories 1922-2018 we love you 3000 shirt


USA team soccer signature shirt


Vivre pour Le Meilleur Johnny shirt



Thank you for allowing God to use you to rescue those kids. That’s awesome well done you are a caring lovely young lady for saving those kids! I also think it was very thoughtful to tell the parents what had happened too well done. A great idea, and a quick thinker too. God worked through that young lady that day.

Hakuna matata what a wonderful phrase shirt


Hippotenuse adjacent opposite shirt


Listen I’m a nice person so if I’m a bitch to you you need to ask yourself why shirt


Never Stand between a Girl and Her Dogs shirt


Please fuck off see I’m polite shirt


Stranger Things I am a Disney princess unless the upside down needs me shirt


Unicorn installing muscles please wait shirt