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We know that the were experts in their fields Baby Yoda feet point them you must ballet shirt long before they got the job of making clone troopers from the DNA of Jango Fett for the federation. So making the stormtroopers was definitely not the “first assignment” as they were already experts long before they took that particular job. And we can be pretty sure that Yoda in his younger days (hundreds of years or more ago) likely annoyed more than a couple of in his time and built a name for himself as an extremely powerful force user long before becoming a member of any “Jedi Council”. This idea is strengthened by the fact thatBaby Yoda Irish I kiss me you must shirt the man who “wanted the baby alive” (that was next to the old imperial that gave the Mandalorian the job to retrieve the child), was wearing a “cloning patch” that was the exact same symbol as the clones wore on their sleeves in the facility in the prequel movies. Although, it could just as easily be because he wants the naturally born kid’s DNA so that he can make clones from it in the future (but of course if that was the case, why he would require the child to be alive wouldn’t make as much sense, it seems more likely that he just wouldn’t want to have to start all over again from scratch or that they simply no longer have access to the facility and technology to make another one). Frankly, I wouldn’t worry about it. The majority of people who receive such notices from the Department of Defense either don’t respond or can’t respond due to a variety of reasons. If you are truly concerned about this, I would suggest calling the Dept. of the Navy in Washington DC or your local Veterans Administration representative and explaining your concerns. I used to work with homeless vets, including people who had recently left the service. Many of them had no forwarding address and had not responded to any notification from the military for many years. To date, I have met no one whose discharge was adversely affected by ignoring letters from the Department of Defense. Yoda feet point them you must ballet Hoodie Yoda feet point them you must ballet Ladies tee Yoda feet point them you must ballet Sweater Yoda feet point them you must ballet Sweater