Top shirt from moteefe 2021/01/22

I had doubled my lung capacity before quitting. I will never be rid of emphysema completely but my condition has been downgraded to “mild” and I rarely need inhalers anymore. Although I would have to agree that this is somehow amplified in the gay(men) community. I know some of them to be good people on other occasions but after that, I don’t really want anything to do with them. It’s sad and ironic because it is a community that is fighting to be accepted and gain equal treatment but they do discriminate amongst themselves. Apple buyers happily buy something known not to be compatible with everything else.

Women's T-shirt front

Dear Fat Girl Don’t Be Afraid To Get On Top #ifhedieshedies Shirt

Dibs On The Redhead Shirt

I Am Black Every Month But This Month I Am Blackity Black Black Shirt

I Gotta See The Candy First Then I Get In The Van I’m Not Stupid Shirt

I’m The Boss At Nana’s Place Shirt

My Heart Is Held By The Paws Of A Dachshund Shirt

Some Girls Love Beards Tattoos It’s Me I’m Some Girls Shirt

Some Grandpas Play Bingo Real Grandpas Drive Trucks Shirt

Beagle I Didn’t Fart My Butt Blew You A Kiss Shirt

Duck Duck Boom Vintage Shirt

I Am His Eyes He Is My Wings I Am His Voice He Is My Spirit I Am His Wife He Is My Guardian Angel Shirt

I Am Your Friend Your Partner Your Labrador You Are My Life Shirt

I Hate When People Say Act Like An Adult Have You Seen Adults Lately That’s A Horrible Advice Shirt

Lord Keep Your Arm Around My Shoulder And Your Hand Over My Mouth Shirt

Once Upon A Time There Was A Boy Who Was Trapped Inside A Girl’s Body It Was Me The End Shirt

Photography It’s Not Just A Hobby It’s My Escape From Reality Shirt

What Is The Football Team Doing On The Band Field Shirt

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