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Is she eating gassy foods? I need Unicorn Dabbing Havana Club shirt. There’s a list somewhere of things to avoid while nursing. If formula-fed, could the formula be causing issues? Talk to the pediatrician about changing to a “sensitive” formula or maybe even nonmilk based. If none of the above, try gripe water, it may help. If all that fails, sorry to say you just have a fussy baby and you have to wait it out. Good luck. I’m sorry that I have no remedies. But I can say that I’m fortunate to have been born as my dear parents (mother) went through this with my 7 yrs older brother for 9 months. I sure hope you’re able to find a solution.

Might be Unicorn Dabbing Havana Club shirt. If your wife is breastfeeding, she can cut out lots of things that affect baby like broccoli, legumes, soda, and even coffee. I had to give up a lot so the baby was not miserable but it was worth it to let them be comfortable. It ‘s probably colic many babies go through it. You might talk to your doctor and see if the baby needs its formula changed. Sometimes the formula doesn’t agree with their digestive system. Usually starts around 3-4 weeks, peaks at 8 wks, and resolves by 12 weeks. All my kids did it from 8 pm to midnight. We called it 8 pm fuss time. I took a team effort.