Top trending shirt from posedion 2021/1/12

because the Karate Most Old Men Would Have Given Up By Now I’m Not Like Most Old Men Shirt ent of the north of England, I would not like Scotland to be a foreign country. a National vote can b but I will buy this shirt and I will love this SNP should put this in their legislation that if it’s a no then this question won’t be asked again for at least 5 years… People might not like the Tories or Boris and there are many mentions of Thatcher but people might want to stick with the status quo… Safer together… Iron out the issues from last time and you might have a better chance… Scotland at the moment has a huge amount of devolved power. It has been able to protect Scots from tuition fees.It’s interesting that Sturgeon refers to democracy. Scotland has a population of 5.5M people and a 4M voting electorate. The 2014 independence refere

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