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It goes without saying that Stella McCartney is a passionate nature lover, so what better way to have a conversation with her than in a lush, quiet garden in Milan’s city center, surrounded by magnolias, wisterias climbing around trees, and chirping birds? “Let’s just forget fashion for a moment and savor all the natural beauty around us and talk about flowers!” she said. Flowers were actually very much part of her Resort collection, which she named Forces For Nature. Hand-drawn bouquets were printed on light cloqué summer dresses in delicate tones of peony, wisteria, and primrose, as if they had just been picked up in a field or in a bluebell wood in spring, during one of the weekends she loves to spend in the countryside with her family. “It’s always the best time,” she said. It also goes without saying that McCartney isn’t afraid of challenges: “I’m a big believer in change,” she said. “When something is getting too comfortable, I tend to feel uncomfortable.” Her company is undergoing a sort of mutation, becoming independent after having to be part of the Kering Group for so many years. It’s an energizing time for the designer her pioneering work on sustainable fashion has set the bar high for the industry, not only helping to raise awareness but also showing that sustainability and a healthy business can go together. For Resort, her approach has become more overt: “Normally you don’t see what we do in terms of manufacturing conscientiousness,” she explained. “All the efforts we make in doing what we do are in the product, not on the product. This season I wanted to make it more visible.” Enter Everything Is Illuminated’s best-selling author Jonathan Safran Foer, who, feeling a kindred spirit in McCartney, sent her his book Eating Animals a few years ago. “I was blown away,” she said. A friendship ensued and now a collaboration, which has been years in the making. Safran Foer has a new book called We Are The Weather which will be out in September: “So I said to Jonathan, ‘Why don’t I put into fashion what it is you’re putting into words?” Just a comment that for total wealth on the wealth axis, one can try to value it by estimating the value of each part of the wealth to get one number, or one can divide it up like an inventory and try to value each category. Net production then might be an accounting of what the current period of economic activity would do to each category, instead of having net production just being a positive or negative number added to or subtracted from total wealth.

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So it was written on the tank-tee that will surely be the most ’gram garm of this collection. And while Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo admitted that, sometimes, the pressures of trying to force their now five-year-old brand through the ranks of Milan hopefuls to become safely established makes them feel that way, they created the opposite reaction in their audience. The address, way out of town to the East, boded ill but turned out to be that of the loveliest venue so far this Milan. We were beneath a long stretch of the Tangenziale (ring-road) freeway that encircles the city. Alongside us ran the river Lambro, all dappled green and cool reflection, from which dragonflies came to explore this unlikely addition to their ecosystem. Messina and Rizzo had come to a party here a year ago and became so taken by the place that they negotiated with the authorities and local neighborhood to make it a free open-air gallery, curated by them, which opened today. Through the section of hitherto unused urban space given a refreshing lick of white paint over a 4,000 square meter area, this Sunni collection ran from white to black through a comprehensive spectrum of brand expression. Not in specific detail, more in mood, it sparked memories of pre-Francesco Risso Marni for both men and women. The height of the women’s platforms, the laundry-bag enormity of the fringe-decorated totes, and the simultaneous evolution and performative delineation through zig-zag placket topstitching on men’s workwear were all acutely thought through and finely actualized. What it feels like to wear is another matter entirely, but the knit effect nylon used for thumbless mitten-like bags, bigger drawstring sacks, men’s tank tops, and women’s looks that connected sweater and skirt with a buttoned bridge layer at the waist looked both slightly wrong and rather right simultaneously. More on why California in a minute, but what did that uninterrupted view of the clothes tell us? That Vaccarello, who barely tackled menswear prior to arriving at Saint Laurent, save for his brief stint at Versus, is a quick study. This was a strong and assured outing from him, connecting to some of that YSL legend of old, but also with his own unerring sense of what a young guy might actually want to wear today At any rate, in microeconomics, when we are talking about an individual or a firm, spending is the depletion of the firm’s or individual’s wealth. In the macroeconomy, spending is just the transfer of ownership of money and does not represent a depletion of wealth.

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So what was going on with the black felt fireman hats, old-school police hats, and jockey caps? Why did so many models wear waistcoats that looked like they’d been forcibly wrenched to the left of the body in a bar fight? And the kangaroo pocket pleat-bib shirt smocks? What was with Mickey Mouse? Does Tom Ford say long johns are an outerwear option now when did you get that memo? “This is all just my style,” said Takahiro Miyashita, his expression obliquely refracted through his John Lennon glasses after this interesting show. The collection seemed to be a kind of imaginative boyhood view of tropes of uniform the clothes that authority figures wear all messed up by a purposely blurred focus. There was a heavy gestalt feeling at play, yet the parts that made up the sum were in fact the meat and potatoes of this richly blended stew of auto-referential menswear. This was a collection based upon the aspirations of manhood we aspire to when immature, eroded by the knowledge gained through maturity. It was about lost love squandered and idiocy. Yes, it was also about a collaboration with Converse that introduced a new pimp-soled postmodern expression of Chuck. The collection was called Duet, but it was really a series of duets between Miyashita and his references. Between them, they created a handsome, soaring chorus in which the disappointment inherent in aspiring to fit into the uniform of masculine codes and then falling short of their impossible standards, hung long and slow in the air. Miyashita called this “a love song for fashion” and it was real love, true love, tough love. With externally worn underwear baring your soul, Soloist style. Textile company Albini collaborated with the designers to create a deckchair-striped cotton poplin which had a vaguely penitentiary feeling in all-over outfits for men. And then there was that catnip slogan tank-tee. It was taken directly from the shirt in a photo by Stanley Stellar of an attendee at 1995’s Wigstock Festival in New York, and those inverted-commas so hot right now made it especially funny. But if this show represented “fashion” or just fashion in Milan this afternoon, then it was pretty hard to hate. The first part, the savings that is the preservation of investment does not represent any change in the level of wealth. Reducing spending will not, in and of itself, cause any reduction in the level of wealth. This is because whether a given amount of money is used for spending or not, it still exists in the same amount at the end of the given time period.

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