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After doing a whole lot of research, I uncovered his paper trail(so to speak) and found out what a liar and thief the two of them really are. It was two late for me to do anything I didn’t have the enough money to hire someone, although I tried. So here I sit, like their trash on the curb of their new home in a gated community, which was purchased a month after my father died and to top it off, my bother had the nerve to say “if the cremation cost more then were going somewhere else. Years ago, my co-worker/office manager, was pretty psycho. Some days, she would come in happy and practically spewing rainbows.

Simple decent food. No candies, nor cookies for years. Yes at the age of six I decided to leave at the age of twelve. When my son started school, I would go one afternoon a week as a parent volunteer to assist in the classroom. One afternoon we had a policeman come to talk to the students. He asked the kids when they should call the police. The kids innocently gave the usual reasons. One child’s response was heart breaking but it seemed normal to him he said when your dad hits your mom.