Velvet Duck the velvet duck bar and lounge shirt

No. There will be no reconciliation. There will be a Velvet Duck the velvet duck bar and lounge shirt of sorts but never a true reconciliation, because what Harry did was simply unforgivable and therefore cannot, and never should be, forgiven. Following their two hour long Winfrey belch into the royal family’s face they breezily stated their intention to draw a line under it and move on. Their behaviour has been a series of deliberate and malevolent acts to camouflage their premeditated actions whilst blaming the royal family for their avarice and mendacity. One doesn’t get to drop ten tons of industrial strength shit on someone’s head in public, smile sweetly and then “move on,” expecting no consequences. Unless one is quite insane of course. Remember the context and then consider whether a reconciliation is even appropriate, let alone likely. Meghan Markle initially carried out a sting on Harry, then pretended for 72 days to commit as a working royal, but in order to explain why she ran back to Netflix/Hollywood with her film script, fabricated damaging stories about the royal family.Velvet Duck the velvet duck bar and lounge shirt

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Just think about that. Hollywood stardom had passed her by so she wanted to re-enter as a homecoming Queen, but to explain her moonlight flit from The Palace she had to very publicly tell whopping lies about the royal family. As a deliberate strategy that is plainly the work of a malignant sociopath, someone utterly devoid of normal morals or emotions. What she did, with Harry’s acquiescence, was plain wicked. Hollywood is equally to blame as they were in on this depravity. Even if the royal family wanted a reconciliation, which I find wholly impossible to believe, neither the British public nor the people from The Commonwealth nations would stand for it.

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