Vince Mccans shirt

I told him I needed to push and he came to Vince Mccans shirt and felt inside and told me that I could begin pushing. BUT, I could not push when my body wanted to, I had to do fast breathing to prevent pushing. I could only push between contractions. I cannot explain how incredibly difficult that was. So, that is how we proceeded. Toward the very end I gave one super push and the baby didn’t come out, but poop did!!!!! OMG, I thought I would die of embarrassment. Just die! My husband cleaned me up and we continued with the important job at hand. The baby was slowly birthed and the doctor held it up for me to see. I looked and said “It’s a girl!” The doctor and my husband laughed and asked me to look again. Then I saw his little “package” and joined in the laughter. By the way, he was 11lbs, but the doctor made certain the birth was slow and controlled so there was not a scratch on me. The next day the doctor came to check up on us and I apologized again for the disgusting thing that had happened. He smiled and told me that it happens all the time. It is a completely normal part of birthing. He said “When I smell the poop I know the baby will make an appearance any moment.” Mom- my MiL- was mostly very loving- but she did think she knew best, always, and stomped on my boundaries any number of times- even once when my l=kid almost drowned because she was not carefully watching her when she was in a pool.

Vince Mccans shirt

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I never dreamed I’d end up being super cool son of a freakin’ awesome mom but here I am living the dream shirt

I never dreamed I’d end up being super cool son of a freakin’ awesome dad but here I am living the dream shirt

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Bebe its cold outside Moira Rose Christmas shirt

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Australia Day For Kangaroos shirtShe never really took responsibility for that, either- she just got defensive. She made me pack up all my things and leave before the teaching staff came in on that day long ago. I moved as slowly as humanly possible and talked on my phone while I cleaned and packed my things. I smiled at her as I removed the interactive bulletin boards and Games I’d made for my students. I watched her watch the clock, I saw the steam coming out her ears as she did her best not to lose control, her eyes were bugging out of her head as she fought back her rage. She was certain I’d be the one to lose control, but I was enjoying myself too much, doing everything in my power to make her blow and eventually she did, much to my delight. She screamed at me and I giggled, eventually she blocked the entrance to our offices, then called the police and told them I was trespassing. I loved every minute of it.

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