Vintage I’m into fitness fitness bacon in my mouth funny shirt

For the rest of her life, my granny sometimes brought up the rotten egg ordeal. She would smile and squeeze me and laugh about the tiny girl who got into rotten eggs. Now both of my brothers are gone, my granny has passed away, and my parents are elderly, and the memory has faded in their minds. But I can remember that day with such crystal clarity, that I can almost smell those rotten eggs right now. Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody about this, or else my old nickname may come up again, and we can’t have that. We were told to get our clothes on (khaki shirt, khaki pants, khaki belt, white boxers, white undershirt, white socks, black shoes. We walked thru 3 checkpoint thru a corridor where we walked thru a barred door and it would close until we got to the cell house. There was a door that opened going into the cell house and it closed behind us.

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