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The Welcome to the coop we are all clunkin’ crazy shirt machine has four long legs driven by large heavy chains connected to motors above the height of the shipping container. The driver could not see directly underneath him in those days and relied on radio contact with an observer. They missed out, also, on a lot of the distractions of social floundering as many kids struggle to find themselves in the midst of a variety of social groupings. As a result, they have learned to be kind and compassionate toward individuals different than themselves. To sink when they skipped him. I got up from my seat. I was shaking mad. I was in tears all the way down to the office. I pulled myself together and asked the office, Where is my son and why was he not there for his awards? He is now 21 and this is his final year of school.

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His current teacher is a Welcome to the coop we are all clunkin’ crazy shirt wonderful one. I don’t know what we will do without their support and friendship after May. And all her grades were so good all around that I got the president of our college to nominate for a Rhodes scholarship that year. She didn’t get it, but she got into a good law school. That the time I have spent at work has consistently constituted some of the happiest hours of my life. I only say that at the outset because I think that a lot of people imagine teaching to be a stressful and soul-draining experience, and I want to reassure anyone considering a career in teaching that it really is the most wonderful job I can imagine. And that every single day can be fulfilling in ways that you never expect.