White Straight Republican Male how else can I piss you off today shirt

Well, frequently we already know each other, so we might just say hi and ask how the kids/pets/whatever are. If you mean do we have conversations about the case, the answer is absolutely. We talk about plans for the case moving forward, discovery, we negotiate about settling the case, we may argue with each other about case law, or what certain facts mean. We talk about all sorts of things related to the case. And if we like each other (especially if we are already friends) we chat about our personal lives too.

White Straight Republican Male how else can I piss you off today shirt

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Many years ago, my new husband and I were guests of a wonderful Chinese family, preparing a special meal to introduce us to some delicacies we might not find in local NYC restaurants. I was fresh out of Arkansas, and not accustomed to unusual foods. Now, that’s an understatement! Nevertheless, I tried everything until the sea cucumber appeared. Well, I tried that, too, but let’s just say I covered it with an attractive garnish of lettuce once I tasted it. It was a peculiar color, translucent gray/green, and it tasted like very firm, fishy jello. OK, I went down in flames on that one, but in the intervening years, I have made peace with sea cucumber. I don’t seek them out, but when presented with a serving, I can make my way without disgracing myself.

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