White Straight Republican Male how else can I piss you off today shirt

There were parents who would honest-to-goodness measure tiny amounts of popcorn kernels into paper bags for each of their children, and leave them on the countertop for me to microwave for them as a snack. Other parents would warn me away from fridges and pantries, telling me that the kids could have this cup of applesauce and that bag of pretzels and nothing more. I honestly do not remember a single parent telling me to go ahead and eat with the kids. I was the hired help and could eat on my own time. And I was paranoid that they would come home to find food “missing”, and blame me for taking morsels from their kids’ metaphorical mouths.

White Straight Republican Male how else can I piss you off today shirt

To do list today play guitar avoid slapping stupid people and repeat steps 1 and 2 shirt

Team Jesus shirt

Rottweiler stop telling me It’s just a dog my dog has more personality integrity shirt

Rosa sat-1955 Ruby walked-1960 so that Kamala could run-2020 shirt

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It couldn’t have been further from the truth. I began babysitting in the Babysitters Club era, and sitters my age consulted those books like manuals. We brought activities for the kids. We were primed for the emergencies we’d read about. We wanted to impress parents. Many, many nights, I would go directly to a job after a long day of school and eat nothing at all until I got home at 11pm or midnight, because parents didn’t offer anything and I wouldn’t have dared take something that wasn’t offered.

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