Woman yelling at cat shirt

One turned to two and then four. He was getting hostile and implying that cutting him off would cost me the job. He let me settle the register for the night while he kept drinking, for which I was grateful – I was working my way through college and had a class the next morning. He kept drinking. At his request – maybe “command” is the more accurate word – I left the bottle. Well, that at least freed me to close the place up, and also let me get away from the guy. He left when the manager and I did. He was not in great shape. Neither was I – it had been a long day.When I punched in for the next evening’s shift, the manager who had been on duty the night before broke the news: the drunken manager had rolled his car on the interstate, like twenty miles away. We weren’t sure yet how liable we were. He would live, but he was messed up. Car totaled. State troopers investigating. Great. So much for bartending….maybe so much for college, even.

Woman yelling at cat shirt

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Factually speaking if you took the number of repairs reported to cars sold over the last 10 years, or say crash ratings…..they are about the same, relatively speaking. Most new cars are safe, reliable. Old cars, all cars…entirely depend on the owner far more than the manufacturer. There are people that never change their oil, rotate tires, lube the car, align the car….change fluids…and then cry when it breaks. Ive seen 300k mile Fords, I’ve seen a Ferrari with 4k die. I promise you that the sticker on the thing means very little. Yes, he wants to sell you a Kia. Yes Toyota has a reputation. Honestly, and old Toyota is a tank, they made them better, the new ones, are basically rental cars. Cheap plastic and a higher price tag because you believe they are better because that’s what you heard. If you like it, buy it. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. Kia has come a long way over the years. I would not say Toyota makes anything “better”, everyone looks for a supplier that will do it the cheapest to maximize profits.

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