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“I know this is the Happily miserable julian edelman barrie shirt besides I will buy this backwards way to put on your makeup, but it works for me,” Braxton confesses, as she smooths Bobbi Brown’s contour stick across her face and over her mouth, before brushing on NARS’s creamy concealer, a bright orange blush, and powder to bake it all in. Here, the “Queen of R&B” pauses to reflect on her epic three-decade career, which kicked off in 1993 with the release of her debut album. “The 90s was everything! It was fresh, it was about music, it was about big budget videos, it was about being an artist, and being as grand and big as you could be…” she recalls with a smile. “It was just the best decade to be an entertainer of all time… Everything was glamourous.” Of course, in Braxton’s hands, next-level glamour still reigns. Unclipping her long waves, which she affectionately refers to as “Sam”—“I name all my wigs,” she reveals—she peers into the camera with freshly glossed lips: “I’m all ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.”

Happily miserable julian edelman barrie shirt

Nineties nostalgia is powerful, even if you were born in the Happily miserable julian edelman barrie shirt besides I will buy this 2000s. The pop supergroups of the era made a splash thanks to catchy hits and distinctive styles that continue to have influence. Case in point: when Chloe and Halle took to the virtual stage at last night’s GLAAD Awards, they did so while channeling the Spice Girls’s spirit. Though the Bailey sisters were barely toddlers during Spice mania’s height, they still managed to accurately honor the eccentric fashion the group was known for, thanks to stylist Zerina Akers. As a duo, they needed a little help to portray all five members, and assistance came in the form of glamorous drag queens, Naomi Smalls, Vanessa Vanjie, and Mayhem Miller. Each recreated a look from the Spice oeuvre: Halle was Mel B at the 1997 MTV Europe Music Awards in neon green python print and ribbon wrapped buns; Chloe took on the guise of Victoria Beckham at the same event, all slinky gold minidress and stiletto heels. Smalls captured the magic of Ginger Spice’s now-iconic Union Jack tea-towel dress at that year’s Brit awards, and Miller wore a barely-there blue babydoll-like Emma Bunton. In track pants and Kappa crop top, Vanije was appropriately sporty, rounding out the team with zig a zig ah.

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