Yes I am old but I saw ZZ top on stage signatures shirt

Because I was a woman vacationing alone! I was Yes I am old but I saw ZZ top on stage signatures shirt home to Canada from one of several solo trips to the Dominican Republic. There was a disorganized queque of people passing in between two officers where they looked at your printed paper of answers. As the slow walking progressed I couldn’t tell if we had to stop and show papers or if they were randomly selecting because I was shorter than most people around me and it was kind of a tight squeeze as no one was observing personal space. I looked at the female officer that was closer to me and said do I show you everything or.. she cut me off by grabbing the paper from my hand and started interrogating me. I could see then most people just walked passed without acknowledging them. She asked why I visited, where I stayed, when I left, where I worked and what I did etc.. the last questions were who I vacationed with and who I met with. She made a sign with a red marker on my paper and sent me to get my luggage. After grabbing my luggage I was sent to a separate room but was told to wait for her. Apparently she was busy with a bunch of others she had selected. I saw 2 other women in the same room as me and they both mentioned that they travelled back alone. Ughhh great I thought. After waiting an hour, the male officer asks who was first I jump up and he says that he is there to help his coworker out. He puts my luggage on a table and takes my ID and the paper. I ask him if they always stop women that travel alone. He says why are you travelling alone? It’s unusual to vacation alone and if I have a boyfriend in the DR that I met up with. Starts with all the same questions. He then goes through all of my luggage including feeling every bit lining of my bikini. He sends me on my way. We told them we couldn’t take the heat, because our daughter was sick, that if they could pay for our hotel would be good (they didn’t) that we’d stay at a hotel that night.

Yes I am old but I saw ZZ top on stage signatures shirt

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My Patronus Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg ShirtMy husband told me to pick a hotel for us because he was busy with work. I picked an affordable one, didn’t check reviews, stars or anything. I told him that was close to us and would be easy to go to work, get back home next day. We went with separate cars as my husband had to go straight to work from the hotel the next day and I would go back home w my daughter the next day. I got to the hotel with my daughter before my husband did. When I go there, there were about 5 police cars, and a fire truck. I parked and waited for my husband at the reception with my daughter because the card that was used for the reservation had to be presented and that was my husband’s card. There was commotion. A lot of people walking back and forth and then I asked the receptionist if everything was ok. She said there was a man who was on drugs, running around the hotel naked and walked in one of the rooms.

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