Yes I’m both of them American and Mexico flag shirt

And he thought walking back up the hill (a wonderful walk I’ve done a number of times and still marvel at the place) was preferable to all splitting up back into cars for a couple of minutes drive. He also was making a statement, that he was now effective head of the family and would decide such matters, always with appropriate deference to his mother of course. This was the role that Prince Philip had held (the Queen lead the country, he lead the family) and Charles was visibly stepping into it, as a good leader does. My ex-husband. We were in court for our divorce hearing.

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He showed up late and on crutches, which was a big surprise to me as I hadn’t heard of him having had an accident. His movement to the stand to give his side of the ‘story’ was painful to watch. I think I was the only person in the courtroom that day who didn’t feel sorry for him. I knew the man. I knew it was all an act. Fool proved me right. When it was time to step down after giving his testimony he stepped off the dias and walked back to his side of the courtroom WITHOUT USING HIS CRUTCHES! You could have heard a pin drop!


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