You shall not pass go shirt

The cat was like on a diet and the You shall not pass go shirt rat is her lollipop. Don’t starve the cat or else he will eat the rat. Too risky but yet these odd couples are so cute to watch. Out of the mouths of babes— why can’t we all just get along?? The animal kingdom proves it every day. They either have unconditional love for a human or another animal– even if it’s not the same species! Too cute. So cute! People don’t realize that lab rats make great pets. They are affectionate and smart and cannot be compared to street rats. We had one growing up and we had cats too. Does anyone know about cats with its markings?

You shall not pass go shirt, sweater, hoodie, and v-neck t-shirt

You shall not pass go Hoodie
You shall not pass go Sweater
You shall not pass go V-neck T-shirt
V-neck T-shirt

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My cat looks just like this. You shall not pass go shirt I have heard it is a European Tabby. The circular pattern on each side is supposed to mean something but I don’t know. I’ve read a lot of the comments about the ‘rat and the cat’. Like cats don’t like rats or anything like that, may have started when one of my cats used to bring me dead presents from things with tails, and I used to have of getting rid of them. Nice for other people, just not for me. Good luck! My Molly would have eaten the rat. She’s a natural-born hunter. I like all the animals pretty much.

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