Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2021

 Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2020, Hoodie, And Sweater


Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2020, T-shirtsLondon-inspired Italian designer Sergio Zambon is an engineering wizard when it comes to shaping and changing styles in men’s fashion. Formerly the head of men’s outfit at Fendi, he is currently heading to 2 MONCLER 1952, a subsidiary of Moncler, and his latest project is a collaborative collection with Awake NY.
As a leader in the field of luxury fashion, Moncler is always looking for ways to escape the norm, and their ‘Moncler Genius Project’ sees them associate with the rising names in fashion with the aim of pushing everything. forward. Following collections with the participation of Palm Angels and Craig Green, Moncler is currently partnering with Awake NY Hui, a brand that captures the unique spirit and diversity of Big Apple. Throughout the collection, we see the logos of the two brands bold in clothing! Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2020. Graphic designer Fergus Purcell came up with an explanation of the motifs inspired by African wax prints, while South African surfing brand Mami Wata Surf provided “mischievous” patterns for T-shirts. , sweatshirts, and swimming trunks. The shapes here are kept easy and simple, but subtle and twisted.
Welcome to Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2020. The collection features trench coats, windbreakers, parkas, padded shirts, jumpsuits, t-shirts, and pants, in a white, gray, and black palette captured by green and electric blue dashes. , broken down by imaginary prints. Ocelot points add a wild twist to easy pieces, such as jump jackets and trench coats; wrinkled nylon is used for summer travel jackets, kimono sport hoods and Nbedele geometry adorn the narrow scarf; and the outdoor feeling was taken with a hint of the passionate culture of the 1990s. Sergio likes to keep the crossover as long as possible.
In celebration of the new Moncler x Awake NY collection, due for release in September! and Youthful Shirt Designs And Styles In 2020, Complex caught up with Sergio Zambon to discuss the inspirations behind this project, his thoughts on the times. streetwear and what you really think about British fashion.

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