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From what my friend and Cat never underestimate a woman who loves cats and was born in november shirt his mom shared with me about a year after this happened, the mom who worked for many years with the hotel chain told me how the man visting on business had won some jackpot amount of money and so he picked up some attractive woman at the bar who might have been some higher priced prostitute, sometimes called a ‘call girl’ who are known to frequent high priced hotels. Somehow with all his cash that he won and received from the payout counter after he won they both somehow had drugs they either had with them or had brought in from a supplier and had many rounds of sex while high.

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During their evening they both ODed and were found dead the morning when my friend’s mom walked into their room as her job as a housekeeper. I guess the man’s family ended up being the winners after all since the wife was planning to divorce her husband when she thought he was having an affair. Well I’m not a parent but my parents saw me and my friend doing something inappropriate. when we had that sleepover we cuddled for the rest of the night like usually but then in the morning was when it got a bit more intense. So we both woke up like normal nothing wrong. I sat down against the wall and started to read a book I had to read for summer for a school book report.

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How Will We Be Safe? Another major question many ask upon hearing calls for abolition is how we will be safe without prisons or police. Abolitionists often start by pointing out, however, that police and prisons do not actually keep most people safe. The U.S. is home to the Happy halloween tree fortnite characters shirt Also,I will get this largest prison system in the world; if prisons kept us safe, we might expect to live in the safest country in the world. We would rarely see sexual assault and other forms of violence. If our system produced safety, people would have clean drinking water, safe and stable housing, quality medical care, and good food.

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I don’t like trump but if you thought a GIF comment should be taken seriously at all I’m afraid that I don’t have the words. And they make fun with the word “triggered”! The same morons get triggered just by a GIF and not just triggered, they go berserker’s Hollywood and Hollywood is in California, a stronghold for Democrats, This endorsement is no surprise and no news-worthy.

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Says the clueless African Voting based on an endorsement by a former wrestler turned bad actor? Priceless. His endorsement just proves Hollywood holds a higher perception of themselves than the real world does.I thought we learned during the pandemic how non-essential these people are. And we should care about their opinions now?

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When I was 12, I developed strep throat and scarlet fever. The following day, I had terrible lower right quadrant abdominal pain and couldn’t stop vomiting. My pediatrician admitted me for dehydration. 2 days later, a group of male physicians came in my room, asked my mother to leave, and proceeded to grill me about my “sex” life. I had never even kissed a boy and I was humiliated. They didn’t believe me. They wanted to do a pelvic exam and I freaked out. In hindsight, I get that is no big deal but at that age and inexperience, I was mortified. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong, things weren’t adding up but I was clearly sick. I ended up going for an exploratory laparoscopy which turned into an open laparotomy. Burst appendix and ovarian cyst found. I woke up in recovery and remember being in excruciating pain. I was crying, not overly dramatic or anything but I had never felt pain so bad. The nurse began yelling at me to shut up because I was disturbing the other patients. It was terrible. I was terrified. 

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Burst appendix and ovarian cyst found. I woke up in recovery and remember being in excruciating pain. I was crying, not overly dramatic or anything but I had never felt pain so bad. The nurse began yelling at me to shut up because I was disturbing the other patients. It was terrible. I was terrified. Once I got up to my room, within a day I felt so much better. The abdominal pain was gone, and I got up and walked laps around the unit. They were amazed. So it’s not like I had a low pain threshold, this nurse was just a beast. Years later, when in college, I volunteered to be in a pharmaceutical study. Part of it was testing my genes to see if I was a rapid metabolizer of opiates. No surprise that I was and it explained my difficulty with pain control post op. I ended up having 6 abdominal surgeries in my life and became an RN, but I never forgot about how terrible that one PACU nurse made me feel when I was just a kid. I swore if I ever became “that” nurse, I would leave the profession. And I did!

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A hunting trip came up, only one year after I got Seattle Seahawks Black Girl Shirt, as was always the case when I went to the town he lived in I would stay at his home , however they had just moved into a new house and were building on it so not wanting to inconvenience them this year I booked a hotel and over their objections stayed there. Talk about an awkward hunting trip, I must have been quiet because my buddy said It did not look like I was having fun, what is wrong? and all I could say was oh you know the x wife thing, I see you both and then think of how we were, and thank God he let it go after that. We each got our deer and had a great camping trip, got my meat frozen and packaged when we got back and me and it headed home. Another time, still a little crawler, I learned my lesson, so that time I made sure there was nothing, really nothing around her, and also nothing being put on her reachable areas. The same reason, once again I left her only a few minutes, but a little longer than before. Once again it was too late for me to realize that it was too quiet. I found her in my room, all wet, water everywhere. She stabbed all my packaged water with a straw, half a dose, only 3 glasses were saved. Apparently, the door wasn’t properly closed that she could sneak in.

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Always be yourself unless you can be a bigfoot then always be a bigfoot shirt What have I done? This will make you crazy and you will start to question yourself. Don’t. This is what the narc wants. He feeds off this. He’s sat at home waiting for you to run to him. He is expecting you to beg and plead for his forgiveness. You owe it to him. But wait. Why would you do any of those things? You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s all about his ego. Whatever you do don’t go running to him, don’t apologize, and don’t show any reaction. He’ll enjoy the silent treatment. He will truly hate this and it won’t be long until he starts love bombing again. If you want to stay in contact just make sure you put some boundaries in place and say no when he wants or expects something. If you don’t want contact. Ignore him permanently. Laugh, be happy, get your life back on track. Just remember three things. You are a good person. Your not to blame. Don’t lose yourself.

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This didn’t involve me directly, but rather an Oakland Athletics 2020 Al west division champions shirt of mine when I worked as a branch manager at a car rental location some twenty years ago. It was a small branch with eight employees plus myself. One of my customer service reps called me to the counter and asked me to take a strange call saying it was a woman demanding I put Denise on the phone. Denise was an employee who cleaned and refueled the returned cars but was off work that day. My CSR said, “Whoever this is doesn’t believe Denise isn’t here and she’s yelling at me.” I told her to transfer the call to my office. When I picked up the call I said I’m the manager and asked what was this regarding. I dropped off my son and as soon as i got home his class teacher called me, at first i had a mini panic attack thinking something bad had happened, turned out she had given my son a new lunch pack and called me to tell me the price and that my son needed a new one and she had given him and he even told her he liked it. In her own words. Sadly the relationship didn’t work out for other reasons but we stayed friends. Not surprisingly, when he was sent overseas to Kuwait and Afghanistan with the National Guard it was MY mom and sisters and I that he wrote to when he missed home.

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Chicken whisperer halloween shirtI was the one that sent him hoodies bc in the desert in the summer 70 degrees feels cold at night. It was my mom’s pre-school class that “adopted” him and his unit sending cards, care packages and even a paper Christmas tree for the holidays. The inmates were hungry and so one of them flagged down a cop car and told them that they were all hungry. The cops took all the inmates to the station, fed them and then called the warden. Big surprise when those cops got back to an empty van. Bigger surprise when they got to the prison and a group of newspaper reporters were waiting to interview them. They tried to have the inmates changed with attempting to escape.

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The police was after him. The hotel seemed pretty Yoda Beer Is The Path To The Drunk Side Vintage Shirt. My husband arrived and checked in. The room had a weird smell like damp, we asked to switch rooms, so we did, but still not great, the carpet was dirty with stains, we were even afraid to lay on the bed, but we did and it was uncomfortable. We could hear noise from nextdoor rooms, people walking, talking the whole night. My husband then checked on his phone and saw I had picked a 2 star hotel and that there were many bad reviews. I told him I thought I picked a 4 star hotel, he then told me that that was the distance from home 4miles and not the number of stars. We both barely slept that night. We went back to our apt early the next day and preferred continuing with the fans on until our AC was fixed. Thank God they replaced the whole thing that Tuesday.

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Chicago Blackhawks one nation under god shirt It turns out, it was so old that Management ended up replacing our HVAC unit. That was my worst experience at a hotel. I always check the stars and reviews now after that day. A week later I went out of town for school, I told him I won’t be back in a month, for the first couple of days he texted me then he completely ghosted me, I called him, no respond. I got bit mad, dude can’t wait a month? But that anger didn’t last long, after all, nothing serious. So I deleted his number and all, quickly forget about it. Therefore we connected over facebook and confronted eachother and agreed we should have gone with our heart rather than our minds but during the time we liked each other. This person was trying to come out of a toxic relationship while I was going through early psychosis and mild depression.

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TOO interested and I knew something was up. Out of nowhere he asked, “Mom, do you always sleep with your bedroom door locked at night?” I swear I could only think not to change the rhythm I was scrambling in, while I tried to think of an answer. Thankfully God made the words flow instantaneously. Out came, “Why yes I do. Why do you ask?” His reply was, “I wondered because I was outside your room last night trying to break in with a knife for 2 hours.” He was so nonchalant about it, like killing me was nothing to him. Inside I was hysterically screaming in fear, but I distracted him and re-directed what I was doing and pretended like what he said made no impression on me. Later that day we searched his room, then my husband asked to see what was in his backpack. It was a hunting knife we didn’t remember my husband had inherited from his father. There were many other times he scared me, but what caught me THAT day was I was happy and the sun was shining, but a five year old with a few words shook me to my inner core, like nobody else has ever been able to do.

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Yes!!!! I have a neighbor, in his mid to late 50’s, with four dogs and two cats. He walks his dogs twice a day, and they smell. You walk by his house, and you can smell his dogs, in the street. I don’t think he ever bathes them. He’s about 5’7 or 5’8”, and about 50 pounds over weight. Actually, he looks homeless. He lives with his mother, who I originally thought was his girlfriend. The mother looks young, and he looks older. He’s a nice man, always says hi, and stops and chats, if I see him.I’m on the Nextdoor, neighborhood watch app. One day I see his photo, and he wrote a comment about something. I click on his bio, on the app, and read his credentials. This guy, is a rocket scientist, has more letters after his name, and a published author, on the subjects of, space and politics. I then google his name, and it goes on and on, regarding his illustrious space career. I couldn’t believe it.

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Because I was a woman vacationing alone! I was Yes I am old but I saw ZZ top on stage signatures shirt home to Canada from one of several solo trips to the Dominican Republic. There was a disorganized queque of people passing in between two officers where they looked at your printed paper of answers. As the slow walking progressed I couldn’t tell if we had to stop and show papers or if they were randomly selecting because I was shorter than most people around me and it was kind of a tight squeeze as no one was observing personal space. I looked at the female officer that was closer to me and said do I show you everything or.. she cut me off by grabbing the paper from my hand and started interrogating me. I could see then most people just walked passed without acknowledging them. She asked why I visited, where I stayed, when I left, where I worked and what I did etc.. the last questions were who I vacationed with and who I met with. She made a sign with a red marker on my paper and sent me to get my luggage. After grabbing my luggage I was sent to a separate room but was told to wait for her. Apparently she was busy with a bunch of others she had selected. I saw 2 other women in the same room as me and they both mentioned that they travelled back alone. Ughhh great I thought. After waiting an hour, the male officer asks who was first I jump up and he says that he is there to help his coworker out. He puts my luggage on a table and takes my ID and the paper. I ask him if they always stop women that travel alone. He says why are you travelling alone? It’s unusual to vacation alone and if I have a boyfriend in the DR that I met up with. Starts with all the same questions. He then goes through all of my luggage including feeling every bit lining of my bikini. He sends me on my way. We told them we couldn’t take the heat, because our daughter was sick, that if they could pay for our hotel would be good (they didn’t) that we’d stay at a hotel that night.

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My Patronus Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg ShirtMy husband told me to pick a hotel for us because he was busy with work. I picked an affordable one, didn’t check reviews, stars or anything. I told him that was close to us and would be easy to go to work, get back home next day. We went with separate cars as my husband had to go straight to work from the hotel the next day and I would go back home w my daughter the next day. I got to the hotel with my daughter before my husband did. When I go there, there were about 5 police cars, and a fire truck. I parked and waited for my husband at the reception with my daughter because the card that was used for the reservation had to be presented and that was my husband’s card. There was commotion. A lot of people walking back and forth and then I asked the receptionist if everything was ok. She said there was a man who was on drugs, running around the hotel naked and walked in one of the rooms.

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Now, 36 years since that time his mom is no longer with us and I have no regrets in encouraging him to do anything for his mother. I’m glad he took care of her when he could. I gladly put myself on the back burner out of respect to her the same as I would have done for my own mother. I don’t understand the disrespect that young women have today. It was never difficult for me because I simply viewed and treated my husband’s mother as I viewed and treated my own mother, aunts and grandma. There was never a competition between me and the older women in my extended family. I loved them, and It never crossed my mind to try to compete with his mother. He always put my feelings first and out of love and respect for my husband and because of how I was raised I always sought to show respect and consideration to his mother. It’s all about kindness and respect. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I roll. And today I have all the crystal I want and need. I’m not lacking in any area. Promoting their good relationship is a sure investment In your marriage.

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I deal with a diverse group of people working Family Practice. You see 20–30 patients daily and by learning their medical history, over time you get to know them personally. I always try to find something in common with a patient to connect us and then they’re more comfortable, more trustworthy and more honest. You build friendly patient relationships also. I will never forget this one patient. Bigger black girl had no filter. She would talk about her sex life to me. She straight up took off her shirt after she got implants to show those off. But the one thing that irritated me was that she never scheduled an appointment. She just walked in when it was convenient for her. But of course, we always worked her in. One day she arrives at 11:50am – 10min till our lunch break – We had a heart to heart discussion and she never did that again. But one Christmas she told me she bought me a gift. I wanna say a coffee mug and then there was a gift in the bag. I knew I was about to get myself into something but didn’t know what. I open it up and it’s a Porn DVD of Bigger Black Women and of course I turned red.